Gratitude Journal Day #473: Saturday, 1/22/22

Y’all know what’s up on a Saturday round hea. #selfcare.

4.) FKA Twigs – My Queen brought this home. I had NO idea who the artist was but I do now. This entire album is rocking HARD. I mean it. Straight JAMMING. Upbeat music and pushed me through an entire night of haaaaaard work. It kept me up and everything. I like this forever.

3.) New menu – Got it simple. Period. The funny thing is that the website developer could not figure it out. *blows fingers* THAT fact alone is a Gratitude because it empowers me. I did something the paid professional couldn’t do. I AM an entrepreneur, solving problems, late nights and loving it. Second, it improves my navigability score. (🤫. Where your website, blog, WHAT-ever is judged by the ability to get back where you started.) All that shit matters when your website is responsible for producing income!

2.) New homepage – Another example of less is more. Another Kendrick Avant project. Another aspect of income. ANOTHER reason I’m proud of myself for figuring shit out.

1.) New pic for eCrash Course – My previous pic was me, on the floor, yoga pose. This one just has a better vibe and can be used for OTHER purposes. (Like LinkedIn aaaand SELF-CARE SATURDAY! 🤭)

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