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Gratitude Journal Day #474: Sunday, 1/23/22

3.) Didn’t realize I had FOUR shower gels! – This is a mental thing. I haven’t been feeling good and seeing the options kinda blew me away. Last time I had FOUR soaps, I was in college. S/O to the trip down memory lane and *bows* to the excitement of selecting soaps. I got a LITTLE playa left in me.

2.) Got names for my 1st eCrash Courses! – Nooooo. I am not sharing the names yet. It’s nothing personal but y’all KNOW what’s up. Flyers and stuff next. Working on the biiiiig full blog post that outlines the 3-day event. *head nod* My stuff will be different than other people!

1.) Breakfast biscuits – I looooove when my wife makes these flaky, light treats of goodness. Hunger was taken care off and my green butter has a “medical grade” quality of healing.

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