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Gratitude Journal Day #478: Thursday, 1/27/22

3.) Daphnique Springs video! – Now that y’all know I’m actively HUNTING for laughs, songs & good times. *bows* Lemme share what I found. Daphnique puts up comedy skits, funny videos but her stand-ups have me rolling and sending texts.

2.) Scott’s Interview – Scott and I had a doggone blast so I’m grateful. This particular interview is POPPING because of the stories. We straight up walked memory lane and his retell of Blue Bell had me crazy grinning.

1.) Chubby Hubby (Ben & Jerry’s) – My daughter said, “Daddy, I got the ice cream with the most STUFF in it because you so extra.” I’m sooooo cool beans with that. Whatever homie and let me enjoy LIFE this morning!

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