Gratitude Journal Day #479: Friday, 1/28/22

I’m still here, still grateful, still showing Gratitude, still smiling. #EffMS and the symptoms it came with. 🤜🏽🤛🏽🤎👑

4.) Love Languages example – S/O to the homie for this! This is gonna be a GREATER example once I remix it for the population of individual classes. I’m big into love language as a tool of mindset to improve communication.

3.) Deion Page – This gem was on point like a mug. Plus, it made me laugh. Every time something makes me laugh, I’m stopping to give Gratitude because that little bit of extra effort changes perspective. Success is in daily habits!

2.) 2nd Day feeling better – Heeeeeell yeah I’m giving props to my DAMN self. Even as I write my Gratitudes today, I’m letting tears fall. I’m spending waaaaay too much mental energy on the bullshit associated with me PHYSICALLY getting worse. It was coming, nature of incurable disease. I’ve been preparing, MENTALLY preparing, and the fact is choke-slamming my reality and thoughts. Today is still better. I’m actively changing my imagination by jotting Gratitudes at a feverish pace. S/O to ME. *bangs chest proudly*

1.) 1st adult home – The whole team is together. EASY Gratitude!

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