Gratitude Journal Day #480: Saturday, 1/29/22

Self-care Saturday started HOURS ago.

4.) Cloves book dropped! – Remembered when I interviewed him? The SUPER entrepreneur? He’s from Honduras, born with SCD (Sickle Cell Disease) and is the first known double transplant patient ever. He dropped his first book and I’m grateful that HE is hunting a career that matches mine! πŸ€œπŸ½πŸ€›πŸ½. We can bounce ideas, swap practices and review each other’s growth, game plans. It also means he’ll return for a THIRD interview! Perfect timing because I need to start scheduling new appointments for those anyway. 🀣

3.) Speaking to water – I’m starting this today. When I assemble my first cup, I’m speaking growth and immediate financial gains into that sucker!

2.) Named Moderator in a favorite room! – BOOM! I’m excited about this because it’s an affirmation of my own growth and acumen. I’ve been named moderator before in different subjects/rooms but NEVER a β€œbusiness-y” room. I come here to learn tips and secrets on connecting, coaching and interacting. The OG of the space is Jay Handler and he runs a smooth operation. Heck, his CH bio opens with β€œβš οΈ I am not for everyone.” which aligns with my personal mantra, β€˜mindset OVER bullshit.’ To know this group finds value in my message and goals is one helluva affirmation!

Fight for your business link

1.) Chore Board video – Yoo! This doggone video blew away my normal stuff! *squints eyes* Ooo! Guess that means I’ve officially identified something that my audience wants, parenting type tips. Time to GROW!

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