allthingsonelove Interview: Ashlee Monique (Licensed Hairstylist in The Woodlands)

I interview my sister to discuss all things in entrepreneurship and parenting while juggling the pandemic.

Interview w/ Ashlee Monique (Licensed Hairstylist in The Woodlands)

Who is she…

My gah damn SISTER-IN-LAW so we go baaaack. 

Why I’m interviewing her…

Ashlee defines entrepreneurship and has always followed her passions. She is a serial entrepreneur and incorporates her daughter into the business habits and practices as motivation, inspiration and the pure modeling of success. 

Topics we bounce around…

• 1st – Who she is and what she does

• 2nd – her business making custom wigs

 • 3rd – how her daughter inspired her business 

 • 4th – hair oil, inflammation and what makes hers SPECIAL

• BREAK – allthingsonelove commercial 

• 5th – when she saw her gift in her daughter

 • 6th – doing hair in 90s college days led to more entrepreneurship 

 • 7th – CHAPPED LIPS *winks*

 • BREAK – allthingsonelove commercial 

 • 8th – Pandemic vs. DEM kids

• Gratitude stories to finish 

ENDING allthingsonelove infomercial 

Ashlee’s Business Links!

QualiTeaTime w/ Ashlee

Hair appointments with Ashlee 

CUSTOM wigs by Ashlee

Yoo, real talk. I’m gonna abolish these episodes count. We can just rock with Session dates and Interviews as the “episodes”. *fist bump*

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