Gratitude Journal Day #485: Thursday, 2/3/22

Yuuuuuup. I’m still at it!

4.) Black Superhero (Robert Glasper) – The last minute!!! You will like the song but the INFORMATION at the end. The scientific explanation for BLACK women as God. Wow. I never get tired of that!

3.) Son came HOME for chores!! – S/O to his GROWTH! Dude is 16, damn near grown in HIS eyes. He was at the big, HS rival, basketball game. It was packed. His school favored.

The young King came HOME to do chores.

Washed dishes and shit because he didn’t want no smoke, drama, static, or staying up to finish. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ€­. That’s a sign of maturity and I’m dropping a little extra in his paycheck for such a decision. Grateful I can use this as a teachable moment!

2.) 1st Adult gotta J-O-B! – *whew* She still has entrepreneurial dreams and plans buuuuuut… LIFE got in there quick. Remember that video I shared yesterday? The one about money? It worked on her. If she less stressed, the house less stressed, everybody less stressed. #boom

1.) Black History Story of Phillis Wheatley – I shared my WHY. Now, the story…

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