Gratitude Journal Day #487: Saturday, 2/5/22

I loooooove self-care Saturdays!

3.) Black Like Me (John Howard Griffin) – This is the first book, first time I ever felt a white person ever cared. My parents had friends. We lived in white neighborhoods. I still grew up FEELING the negativity deep in my soul. Reading Black Like Me was my first true experience and emotion that whites DID see the bullshit and were working to end it. First time I felt being BLACK was fly AF even to whites.

2.) Black Like Me (Mickey Guyton) – The song damn near brings tears to my eyes. That opening? That shit was my confused head growing up. Her verse told MY story. *bows*

1.) A Black Lady Sketch Show – I got something just for me! Sure, I’ll share with my Queen but this is mine, for me, all me. Something funny, unrelated episodes so I don’t have to pay full attention yet escape negative thoughts.

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