Gratitude Journal Day #488: Monday, 2/7/22

Got some GREAT stuff for y’all today!

5.) Unfollow Me (Tobe Nwigwe, 2022) – Yoo! DAWG. My KINGS! This is my lifestyle anthem and I didn’t even know I needed an anthem! I’m cutting for this because it aligns with my goals to live the rest of my days like I want. You don’t agree? UNfollow me. You won’t be the first or the last.

4.) Wendell Scott – Did you hear the synopsis? 🤣🤜🏽🤎♿️

3.) Happy as HELL I didn’t fall for the okie doke! – They said it wasn’t that cold. LIES!!! It was freezing and I’m so damn grateful I had my 3 sweaters, scarf and winter hat! That’s how I took videos. I was warm enough to DO stuff instead of huddled and shaking.

2.) is now on Apple podcast! – Growing? You damn right homie. I’ve added an audience too!

1.) Back home SAFE -ALWAYS, ALWAYS a Gratitude.

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