Gratitude Journal Day #492: Friday, 2/11/22

Talking about LeSean Thomas for Black History!

“I’m a Black man who moved to Japan to work with the Japanese making an anime about a Black man who moved to Japan to live with the Japanese and become a warrior. That’s kind of cool,” he tells the outlet. “I don’t know if there’s anyone else who could actually say that as a TV animation show creator, but I wouldn’t say it was an intensely personal experience. It made it more fun.”

LeSean Thomas, creator and anime artist

3.) Yasuke – This is the anime that my daughter watched. I wanna watch it too and since she already has, I don’t feel bad. (Since it a BLACK anime, she safe anyways.) LOL! As a father, it is really cool that I can brag my 9-year-old is on it!

2.) Canon Busters – This is the one I watched. She isn’t interested at all. My son peeped game but didn’t like it. I’m still grateful because this gave he and I something to chat up.

1.) Palo Santo – Wife bought me a fresh bag. I just learned to use Palo Santo when windows and doors are closed because sage stirs negative energy. Then, you need open ways for the energy to release. Yup, I’m keeping that nugget.

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