Gratitude Journal Day #494: Suuuuper Bowl Sunday, 2/13/22

I gotta Super Bowl prediction for y'all. Yup, BLACK history too. *dap*

Rock the whole blog on #blackhistory #nfl

♬ original sound – kendrickavant

3.) Freeman McNeil highlight – I needed SOMETHING that showcased Freeman McNeil. YouTube highlights were of the Jets playoff game with team stuff. Grateful I found ONE from his college days to boast his athletic skills. It may help folks OVER-stand why he was chosen to lead the lawsuit.

2.) This proves it’s possible! – I have BEEN telling my wife I think this is occurring with me. She doesn’t believe me (SHOCKER huh?!! πŸ˜‰) and when I found these articles, she STILL didn’t believe me. Boooo. I know this is happening. I’ve wondered to myself for at least a year, AT LEAST. I’m cool beans with it too. If I got all these fucked up parts of MS, I literally, LITERALLY deserve this part of it t too!

1.) I bossed up on dinner! – I did. I really did. I damn near cried as I did but I did. Look, I LOVE treating others. I really do. I always have, always will. I am aware that I must pour into others, especially my team. All that is why it hurt so much to fork over that bread and do it all right NOW, right THEN. That was my savings for the first ads and marketing of allthingsonelove and the Im⬝ mature eCrash Course. The course that I’m opening on 2/22/22. My plan WAS to focus on filling my classes, LIVE recruiting and let the investment in myself do the rest. It STILL is the plan but I’m remixing how I’ll fill up my classes. The gratitude is the WHY behind what you’re grateful for. I’m grateful to surprise my team, show my appreciation. (Lord knows they hold me up.) *cracks neck* Aight, time to make this thing happen so the Tribe can see this works! *fist bump*

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Mentoring and Maturity eCrash Course for 5th -8th graders: I’m here to teach your kids tools to IMPROVE their communication so they argue back LESS. *fist bump*

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