Gratitude Journal Day #495: Monday, Valentines Day 2022

Monday is for magic, Valentines and BLACK History!

4.) More on Frederick Douglass – Five facts to expand the OVER-standing of Frederick Douglass.

3.) That HALF TIME show! – I AM YELLING WITH JOY!!! That halftime show was on POINT with music, energy and Eminem doing the Colin Kaepernick kneel added an element I sincerely wanted and appreciated. It added respect for the culture and attention to civil rights.

2.) Wiz Tik Tok – I made wings and salad. My daughter made a Tik Tok of my cooking. *sniff* Nobody has my back like she does. That filled my heart!

1.) It’s freaking VALENTINES Day! – I’m grateful dem kids at SCHOOL so we can hide in our bedroom, watching shows and straight napping. #sleep

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