Gratitude Journal Day #503: Tuesday, 2/22/22

*bows* Let’s do this shit y’all.

Yoo. #salute to Tuesday people. Nooooow, show some Gratitude and GET it. 🤜🏽🤛🏽🤎. I’m sick of feeling sick and tired AF of feeling exhausted BUT…. I’m focused and moving forward because I know what and WHY I’m grateful.

4.) In honor of Black History… – I’ve seen this before. I’ve shared it before. I’m grateful because it puts together SERIOUS legends of Black History. Yoo, this was done so well that I can use it to interest my kids in stuff. The magic is in the conversations it starts.

3.) Love is Blind, s2 – This is all we watched yesterday! FIVE straight hours of streaming, Netflix was working, Wi-Fi was good, food didn’t require heating up. I only moved for yoga and wellness. Ohhhhhh the GLORY! And, I felt good the whole time. The storylines and action kept us awake and IN to it. S/O.

2.) Finally dropped a new podcast – I’ve been out for almost a whole week but I’m back. Changes in pocket too. Get your popcorn people. This podcast is gonna be my weapon of visibility to teachers, educators, coaches and professionals.

1.) Augusta Savage – *bows* This was inspired my youngest daughter. Augusta story is…. Inspirational trauma? I’m grateful she took the slavery out of the art and pushed the world to see US as humans. Wow… She even motivated the heroes of Brown vs. Board of Education.

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