Gratitude Journal Day #504: Wednesday, 2/23/22

Buckle up because I got some stuff to say.

People. There is so much to say about Richard Pryor that I’m trying to wait on the YouTube video to finish processing. *bows*

3.) New MS menu category paying off already! – *beaming* Maaaaaan, to put in all that work. To hear all the naysayers and experts explaining what I can’t or shouldn’t do. IN Y’ALL FACE! On my first day, the ORIGINAL crowd, comes looking and appreciates the grind. That fills up my bucket and affirms my actions.

2.) Used my skill to at a few snippets! – At this point, I’m waiting 24HRS for a 1hour video to load. 24hrs. I’m not even at 60% either. I got a preview tho! S/O to Tik Tok for doing me right so I share and promote stuff.

1.) Richard Pryor

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