Gratitude Journal Day #510: Tuesday, 3/1/22

Y’all want a story?

Happy First of the Month!

4.) Digital Roses Don’t Die (Big K.R.I.T., 2022) – Are you kidding me? He is my CURRENT favorite rapper. He makes his own beats, does everything independently and flat out rips the lyrics too as he can talk cars, real life and bounce you the entire time like a storyteller. I can’t wait for this album. Pure bliss and thought as I make major decisions today. 🤜🏽🤛🏽👑

3.) Principal Kafele responded! – What an affirmation. Dude is my rock star, ideal principal so when he responded, I damn fainted. What an affirmation!

2.) MS Awareness LIVE – Its MS Awareness Month so I starting by supporting the Queen. *bows* I’m helping her grow, building a relationship ALL in the name of Multiple Sclerosis.

1.) Women’s History Month – Waaaaaaiiiiiiiit. Instead of me typing…

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