Interview w/ Quizanae Cooper of MinkMinkCoInc

Got the first interview of March 2022!

Interview w/ Quizanae Cooper of MinkMinkCoInc

Who is she…

Quizanae is a former student that once dominated the hallways and classrooms of my middle schools. I am good with her family and we’ve NEVER lost contact.

Why I’m interviewing her…

Besides classroom stories and catching up to 2022? I HAD to know more about her new lashes company as she learns a new space, the entrepreneur. We are guaranteed laughs as she recounts several shared stories. Like that time she got me a job and I passed it up for another job that ended up… Well, you gotta listen homie. This is an episode for Queens, entrepreneurs, parents (especially MOMS) and anybody feeling like it is time for a change!

Topics we bounce around…

• 1st – HER intro

• 2nd – stories from my classroom

 • 3rd – catch up on thing thangs like family SUPPOSED to

 • BREAK – commercial (Houston based CBD supplier)

• 4th – the LIES of higher education and earning potential

 • 5th – CHANGE. How to manage when you realize adulting is for real FOR real. 

 • 6th – When she knew it was time to pivot. #Fthatjob

 • BREAK – music 

 • 7th – living by faith, moving with Gratitude, PURPOSE

• 8th – Her company, origins, WHY, the how, straight up inside game on the business

Instagram: @Mink_Mink_Co_Inc

Facebook: @MinkMinkCoInc 

TikTok: @mink_mink_co_inc 

• 9th – who SHE goes to for help with big decisions 

• BREAK – music

• 10th – the power in uplifting others and building relationships, connections

• BREAK – Break Out The Popcorn podcast promo

• 11th – HER Gratitude

• BREAK – music

• 12th – “Do it for you. All of it. Be selfish for YOUR passion!

ENDING music

Listen to FULL interview here!

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2 thoughts on “Interview w/ Quizanae Cooper of MinkMinkCoInc”

  1. Amazing interview! I was very impressed with your line of questioning. Your show is live and engaging to your audience. Hey Quizzy! I’m so proud of you!!

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