Gratitude Journal Day #512: Thursday, 3/3/22

Friiiiiday Eve buuuuuut….

4.) Erbody But Me ( Tech N9ne) – Did this song influence my attitude today? YES! Thank you because I was draaaaaaagging through yoga and meditation. This mug found my ears AFTER the early work but still hyped me to talk on Wisdom app.

3.) I didn’t gif was a website & app! – I’m gonna use mine for ads and promos. (Y’all know I neeeeeed that visibility.

Finished product!

2.) Interview went well because I made them uncomfortable – I asked THEM questions about ADA modifications, disability, turnover rate, being a mood changer for the team. We’ll see because they loved my answers.

1.) 1st M.O.B. University talk – Had to announce M.O.B. University to the world, universe and most importantly, my Tribe. The result? My greatest crowd EVER! I’m using this for a springboard into my pivot.

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