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Gratitude Journal Day #516: Tuesday, 3/8/22

5.) Stagecoach Mary Fields – I explained the impact of America’s FIRST female postal delivery person. Later today, YouTube will release it and I can share with you all.

4.) ANOTHER new homepage – I’m NOT waiting on a developer. I’m NOT waiting on a Queen’s approval. I’m NOT bopping for some business person’s opinion. The new homepage represents what I think y’all wanna see, read, know. The menu matches the homepage. I’m ready to come home! (Watch mindset OVER bullshit University: Episode 1 for the BEST WHY.)

3.) My new AM routine – Broooo. I’m up around 4am because I have equipment, Air Pods, mats, social audio apps, a closet to stay INSIDE while doing it all. It’s craaaaaazy how much I look forward to routine and knowing I’m doing mindset OVER bullshit makes it soooo much fun. Wow. I have increased visibility and I’m sure that’s because I pump content early. Yup, this is exactly how I’m manifesting life!

2.) It’s JUST da damn flu – Talking about my son. He swore he had step or coronavirus but nope. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. He’s already feeling better, eating and stuff. That lets ME calm down.

1.) FINALLY! Posted my own Love Language test! – I’m ALWAYS gonna help. Helping is my very purpose. That’s why I’m grateful to drop the Love Language test, to help others. 🤜🏽🤛🏽

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