Gratitude Journal Day #517: Wednesday, 3/9/22

THESE are my regular Gratitude Journal entries. #517 coming right up!

Yoo! Bout to hit publish on the FIRST mindset OVER bullshit University episodes!

3.) Client affirmations – This is NOTHING compared to our conversation! 🀎🀎🀎🀎. I left that tutorial feeling like I was the most inspiring person on this side of the equator. Biiiiiig love. This is why I still work, still tutor, still teach but only by referral.

2.) Changes to the landing page – I knew it was cool before but now, with MY flair, MY sense of business acumen. I FEEL it’s cool. The logo is on point, added customized video, reduced the options. Yaaaaaaaaas. I love when a plan comes together. Who else wanna doubt the pretty, disabled MF?!

1.) MS talk with Brandi aka 1SicB – I NEEDED this to solidify my pivot. Brandi is at the Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis stage, like me. She and I can get raw AF which aligns with my brand. I know I’m doing the right thing by leaving β€œmoney” on the table and rocking mindset OVER bullshit University but this me. Again. Grateful for my own authenticism connecting us because we’re growing so

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