Gratitude Journal Day #518: Thursday, 3/10/11

I’m grateful for Bomani Jones and all kinds of stuff. What about ch’all?

I can’t lie. This is all I am SUPPOSED to do now. Where my Tribe at? Who y’all grateful for?

3.) I want y’all to know what I am doing – Bomani Jones is my IDOL. A King that used his opinions to create his voice that propels and HBO show. This is where I’m taking mindset OVER bullshit University! His commercials are about stuff I’d actually buy if I had the money, like men’s therapy. DAWG. Bomani wore this shit on national TV for ESPN before the pandemic. 🤜🏽🤛🏽👑

He’s parlayed his podcast into a freaking HBO talk show. HBO! Yup, I’m modeling my daily show after his podcast but I’m STILL the Samuel L. Jackson of mindfulness for Kings pushing to BE better.

2.) Caught up on posting mindset OVER bullshit University episodes – Gotta go menu->mindset OVER bullshit University and 💥! You are #there. This gives clarity and separation to the Gratitude Journal.

1.) Earthquake on Netflix! – AND the preview is over healthcare? Yuuuuup. I’m rolling at the preview in anticipation!

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