allthingsonelove TV series review: Grand Crew (NBC, 1 season)

Grand Crew is my FAVORITE thing on cable TV!

What it is…

An NBC comedy. ✅. 30min episodes. ✅. BLACK cast. ✅. (The only one I’m familiar with is Nicole Byers, comedian.). It’s basically a group of friends, only 1 is married and the spouse is a straight up SIDE character. The series explores their different opinions and approaches to love, employment, friends, drinking and more. Again, THIRTY minute episodes in this world of hour everything is a plus.

Why I like it…

The Grand Crew does not remind me of MY crew. Nooooooo. The only one that fit me was Sherm, single than a mug. Now the subject material and different perspectives were right up my alley. No matter how wild out the extremes were, I was there. It may be a homie, could have happened in college but somehow, I have been involved in that very situation.

The cast…

Final rating…


*I use the Peacock app!*

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