Gratitude Journal Day #522: Monday, 3/14/22

Y’all got goals and stuff?

Monday means MAGIC for me.

3.) Got plenty of nuts – SNACKS homie. My stomach feels so much better since the mono cleanse and subsequent cleaner eating. That also means me running out of options to snack or eat. That’s when I realized I had a whole drawer of various nuts to snack on. Gratitude showed me love with that thought because there are NO drivers for clean, candida-free,

2.) S/O to my daughters! – The SMALLEST things are what breaks my spirit. I couldn’t see well enough to place food back in fridge and spilled my leftovers. I screamed in frustration but one daughter cleaned it and one cooked ol Daddy some tater tots. 🤎🤎🤎😘. Noooope. I didn’t even ask!

1.) NEW logo – I got this. I’m 100% loving my direction as a lifestyle blogger and this announces that I’m disabled so my Tribe knows ME from now on.

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