Gratitude Journal Day #527: Saturday, 3/19/22

Ooooooo. *deeeeeeep sigh* I’m feeling it today.

3.) Got a REAL affirmation about mindset OVER bullshit University! – Came from a Queen and it was needed. I’ve sent my daily show to several homies but nooooobody says or does much. That’s why hers slowed my actions and had me cheesing so hard. *bows* S/O to shit like that.

2.) Got my whole office redone! – Yuuuuup. My BIG ass calendar and I got some thangs to do today, tomorrow and the REST of my life. Real talk, watching errrrrrrrybody and their Momma enjoy Spring Break hit a different kinda way. It hurts. I’m stuck wishing I had somebody too. The calendar is directly connected to the blog and my pursuit of #lifestyleblogger sooooo…

I’m able to chill my negative thoughts and freaking blog.

1.) SOME-body else remembered the pic – I haven’t seen my college roommate, brother and fellow #140 siiiiiiiiince… before pandemic. He sat with me first, to know and ask questions about my physical health. I realized (Honestly, first time I realized this about myself! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽) that I’ll stop talking, giving, living this mindset OVER bullshit University and actually assess questions of physical health.

I’m scared. I worry. I face fears everyday by existing in space. I’m BLACK, proud & aware. I’m DISABLED. I’m HANDICAPPED. (Two different things homie. I’m both.) I do NOT receive unemployment, disability, Medicaid, ANY state assistance. My illness is progressing but I’m winning. I mean it. My boi, an original KING, totally suuuurprised me and supercharged my spirits. I wish I had it today too!

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