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Gratitude Journal Day #531: Wednesday, 3/23/22

4.) Gotta new dry herb pen – I’m ONLY using it for CBG and CBD products. Remember how I told y’all that CBG was relieving some of the legs cramps, nerve damage and overall spasticity? Weeeeell, now, I’m smoking IN the crib for my 3am yoga. That is helping A LOT.

3.) Yoo! JOIN today’s mindset OVER bullshit University – I don’t know WHEN today because I’m determined to use my new set up BUT it’s going down. I’m grateful get a few things off my chest and activate more self care!

Join by clicking HERE

2.) Trying MY room again – *pops collar* This gives me pleeeeenty of time to recruit and inform the masses. Telling y’all, I’m gonna find my Tribe. Regular Clubhouse rooms will increase my visibility.

1.) Daddy-Daughter Date!!! – BOIII!!! I’m soooo freaking excited about THIS!! Let get this bonding going!

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