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allthingsonelove 5-star Food Truck Review: Bloom Food’s LLC

What they serving…

They put burgers & tacos at the TOP of the menu. 🤎🤎🤎. As a devout, dedicated and conscious pescatarian, I duck & dodge all land animals. I’m a NEW practitioner of the anti-inflammatory diet so I skip dairy, cheese, gluten and alcohol.

Bloom subs out the meat for a blend of mushrooms and oysters! That stopped me right there and immediately, I was ready to order.

How we found out…

My nephew’s birthday party. It was an HOUR drive away but we made it.

Final Reviews…

King. *smacks lips* I’ll make this DRIVE for the food. It was that good. The tacos were my favorite but I sincerely believe that reheating my plate affected the flavor. 👀. So, when we return, we will post up right THERE.

Mushroom & Oyster Burger

The substitute for meat was on point. Although missing a sauce or something, the flavor and texture of the patty was downright awesome. I LOVED how instead of tomatoes, they laid thinly sliced carrots. *mindblown* This was pure hood. No sauce, ketchup, extra seasoning that sticks to your taste buds. The buns were sweet too! Sweet, soft and never stuck to the roof of the mouth.

Mushroom & Oyster Tacos

The tacos were even better. 🌮. See, the mushroom/oyster mix was “wet” enough that a sauce/salsa was not needed at all. None, nothing, nathan was needed. The cilantro and tomato did add more ‘juice’ which only increased the overall flavor. The tacos were my favorite.

Dem FRIES tho…

My bad. The FRIES were my favorite! Smoking hot, heavy on the seasoning so every bite had razz left.

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