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Gratitude Journal Day #540: Friday, 4/1/22

5.) Saging TF outta my shit – Yuuuuuuup. It’s a LOT of good shit popping for me and my physical health is…. I’m using WHITE sage to cleanse the stagnant stench of self-doubt booming in my head. I know it’s connected to the anxiety and stress over my declining health so let me pull a BIG gun and shake myself out of it.

4.) TWO kids staying with me – I’m buuuuuusy AF. I have 25x MORE than enough work, passion and purpose to plan and plot. Still, TWO kids with me this weekend will offer enough distraction to break the monotony. MAYBE, they’ll watch a movie with me OR make a video OR do a podcast. 🤜🏽🤛🏽🤞🏽🤣🤣🤣

3.) Got Bob Marley in here with me now! – He’s been outside in the garage, smokers spot. Being inside pumps me up, I smile at him, spirits lifted, remember to cannibicate.

2.) I really have a freaking coach! –

DAWG! I’m so damn fired up to keep DOING shit, GROWING shit. The biggest way he’s helping me is by defining my steps, my sense of business direction. I’m getting comfortable speaking about what I envision myself, for myself. Today’s tip? Using transitions.

1.) mindset OVER bullshit University: THE interactive Gratitude Journal experience coming –

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