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Self-care is our healthcare

7-consecutive days.

30-45min courses

one-on-one, me and you

I’m OUT the wheelchair and on the FLOOR


What will we do…

I know y’all curious. Don’t worry, I gotcha.

1st, we open with our quote & intention

This will change each day we’re together but it is always based on the independent eCrash Course and participants. I determine and present the daily quote from the energy of those rocking with me. If our conversations center on relationships, our quote and intention are related to relationships. Y’all bouncing business talk, I’m researching business quotes, rolling business intentions. 🤜🏽🤛🏽

The mindset OVER bullshit Gratitude Journal

Topics are the individual segments of mindset OVER bullshit University. Each and every day, we work through our Gratitude Journals as a team, sharing stories, sharing inspiration, sharing details that make life easier to manage. We do this by meeting in the PRIVATE FB group for LIVE coaching and questions. (Don’t worry, ALL episodes are saved to the FB group for later views and such. ZOOM is available for anyone not feeling FB! *dap*)

*bows*: I open every mindset OVER bullshit University with an ode to a particular people or specific population. Sometimes, it’s a job like Customer Service Representative or Teacher. Others, I’m giving honors and respect to aunts, best friends, disabled parents, caretakers with unseen disabilities and… Well, you probably get it. I want to show love to those who aren’t getting it enough. #grateful

Intention: It is important to set intentions because it sets the tone for the day. The intention can be physical, emotional, work-related, anything. Think of intentions as your priority.

Call To Action: These are defined, straightforward instructions for the day. It could be something as simple as a reminder to cancel free trials or something

Value: Ooooo! THIS is clearly defined huh? I actually can’t stand to be told that value is given to me. What if I don’t find the tips, strategy, advice to be valuable? Weeeeeell, it ain’t valuable but that doesn’t invalidate the value. I’m dropping gems that everyone

King’s Care: Self-care homie. Self-care playa. Self-care DADDY. You get it? Nope, I don’t do bubble baths and long showers either because I’m disabled af. Every day, I’m doing SOME-thing at a specific time for ME. Not for her, not for them, not for everyone. Something for me, Kendrick. I might schedule a 30min restroom break while the kids are here. Maaaaaaybe, I’ll play slow screwed-and-chopped songs, out loud, all day. Do I ever buy myself stuff for self-care? Yuuuuup.

2nd, we meditate, work our manifestation

I’ve been hollering about manifestation siiiiiiiiiince, liiiiiiiiiike….🤔, 2019. My ways of manifestation are the 3-6-9 and purely focusing on goals for at least 5min. For this eCrash Course, I’m teaching how to meditate using the 6-3-9 breathing technique. (Pss. This is different from 3-6-9 manifestation. I did NOT make a typo!)

3rd, YOGA like a muthafugga!

Don’t worry, be easy, I got YOU homie. We’re doing 12 basic poses. You don’t NEED a yoga mat but I’m using mine!

4th, I’m sending an electronic Gratitude Journal!

I have a spiral. You can use whatever journal you want or have. Yup, I publish Gratitude Journals, printed and electronic. Nope, you don’t need one of mine either. Let’s go!

5th, Lesson of the day

Taking time to evaluate and properly credit the good in your life give you ample oppotunity to begin introspection. The feelings that you’re growing will continue and your resilience is ever-building. We use this time to learn something new about ourselves as we as assess and accept our newfound strengths.

►love language ►analogies

►brain hemispheres ►music analysis

►learning language ►introduction to birth order

►how memory works ►water has memory

Finally, our closing procedures…

Each day, we’ll wrap up with closing comments and questions. I will have some serious, SERIOUSLY deeeeep questions for folks to consider. Y’all wanted to grow huh?

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