6-pack of help with Kendrick Avant

HOW I can help others with low confidence, shitty energy and poor perspective.

Why YOU need a Gratitude Journal. (I damn sure did but didn’t think it worked. *lights funny cigarette*

The nights and days can get ugly when you’re dealing with chronic pain, physical limitations, unemployment and do not have any healthcare. You do what you can for the kids, maybe get them on Medicaid or something. After that, life and things get dark. There are days I struggle getting to the bathroom so much that I am crying in frustration. There are nights I can’t sleep longer than 30min because the Multiple Sclerosis spasms are too frequent and violent.

Then, comes the real issues. As my body rapidly deteriorates, I am eternally gifted with negative thoughts of my family, friends, circumstances, and whatever life is promised for a bedbound, dependent person. (Just writing these everyday fears brings tears and increases my symptoms.)

Can’t they see how much worse I’m getting?

I’m cool being alone but will anyone ever actually hang with me?

Have my kids lost respect for a Daddy without a job, who can’t walk? Hell, will my wife get sick of this and leave for peace?

I learned the hard way that a Gratitude Journal helps slow negative thoughts and calm overthinking. I’m a few years into it now and even design my own Gratitude Journals. *tips head*

It ALWAYS starts with the NO CHARGE stuff. That’s where I started my damn self. πŸ€œπŸ½πŸ€›πŸ½πŸ€ŽπŸ‘‘β™ΏοΈ

Now, here comes the PAY-FOR-services… *fist bump*

Second, grab one of MY Gratitude Journals (Technically, ANY Gratitude Journal or spiral will work) and follow along very day with the daily podcast, mindset OVER bullshit. The interaction make it as interactive as you like to motivate you through the 90 days.

The PRINTED mindset OVER bullshit University Gratitude Journal includes 3-days tuition for mindset OVER bullshit University aka one-on-one coaching! You must send me picture of you and your journal.

The EDUCATOR printed copy. It does NOT include tuition for mindset OVER bullshit University

AUTOGRAPHED mindset OVER bullshit PRINTED Gratitude Journal + tuition package

β€’ Available Saturday, April 23rd, 2022

Three, purchase a 90-day, one-on-one Coaching Program

IF you need coaching, I have mindset OVER bullshit University. It is THERE, you’ll receive DAILY mentoring, wellness routines, yoga and leadership as I open MY Gratitude Journal to share my life, intentions, stories, call to action, wellness tips health strategies, and sooo much more. We walkthrough guided eCrash Courses in yoga, meditation, manifestation, love language, chore boards for kids, couple’s activities, interviews of YOUR business/growth, and more. mindset OVER bullshit University is YOUR safe place for improving yourself and growing with a like-minded individual.

Four, purchase an Gratitude Presentation to change the culture of the school or business.

Gratitude Presentation I offer to schools and businesses. This program will change the culture of the environment by reducing absences, improving communication and identifying leadership qualities.

Five, Im * mature After-school program

An after-school program offering services and skills to address behavior and life goals in young people.

Six, The Healing Powers of Gratitude (coming September 2022!)

Introducing my signature, inspirational story of recovery. The Healing Powers of Gratitude takes listeners and audience members through my high points of a teaching career, how and WHY I developed a specific, award-winning methodology for inner-city kids, and the earth-shattering news of Multiple Sclerosis. I share the failures of modern medicine that directly led to my decision to treat myself holistically, translating the signals my body gives me into a lifestyle I teach others, herbs to supplement cannabis usage, herbs to relieve digestive issues, smoothies for bowel movements, routines to combat contracture. I’m leaving the audience with tools to manage dark thoughts, anxiety, fear, and loneliness. I’m gifting participants with tried-and-true systems to encourage Gratitude Journaling for the kids. The Healing Powers of Gratitude will spark a hunger to BE better in members that inspires actionable steps.

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