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Gratitude Journal Day #547: Saturday, 4/9/22

3.) My daughter’s 1st Dance

*sniff* I WOULD’VE dropped some pictures but things got a little too hectic, a little too quick. I asked THREE people for a picture and all were busy in the excitement.

I MUST remind myself that it’s NOT about me, MY memories or anything but her. I’m crunk she had a good time because I worry about her. 🤜🏽🤛🏽🤎

2.) Hanging with my son today – I have noooo interest in going to the movies. Sure, I jam Batman buuuuuuuut… THREE hours? 👀. I’m disabled, RR issues with high sensitivity to temperatures. I’m CRUNK because it washes down some of the loneliness I’m struggling with. As much as I dislike being displaced for THAT long, I KNOW it’ll be worth it. For THREE hours, I’m out the house, surrounded by people, son close to catch me. If I fall…

1.) Major renovations complete! – *salute* Yoo Tribespeople! We are OPEN for group coaching, eCrash Courses and inspirational speaking!

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