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mindset OVER bullshit University Newsletter

*a blueprint to BE better despite all the stressors*  4/10/22 

1.) Quote to kick things off for the week!

If THEY won’t let you in, build your own shit but BETTER.

~Kendrick Avant, Agent of Gratitude~

Whether your disabilities and limitations are seen or not, employment can be stressful. Employers consider health needs and mental wellness to be “limits” on an employee’s abilities. Personally, as a certified educator, former Teacher of the Year, I can’t find employment with any school district. Interviews are amazing over the phone, principals are impressed by the resume but after I enter with wheelchair, I’m never called back. I’ve found employment in the remote world of sales and customer service but since my disabilities include serious digestive issues, I’m released over frequent restroom break, longer restroom breaks or increased needs for breaks (Mutliple Sclerosis-related tremors). 

My life has changed tremendously since I started working for MYSELF. The hours are longer, pay is less, benefits are poor are shit BUT I’m happy. I’m really happy. I don’t get disability checks, Medicaid or any state assistance so I’m used to no help. Yup, I have the wife, kids, house but regardless of financial pressure (it is ALWAYS there huh?), I’m happy, grateful for being self-employed. When I’m stressed, feeling alone, overwhelmed with the illness itself, I can get lost in the work of my own shit. The money and everything will come as long as I continue following my own path.

2.) Where to participate in mindset OVER bullshit University discussions…

▪ Monday 4/11/2022 Clubhouse (9 – 9:30a CST) –  F these disabilities! I had an 

AWESOME weekend!

▪ Talk-About-It Tuesdays 4/12/2022 Clubhouse (9 – 9:30a CST) – My Disabilities Made Me Stronger: Have any of your sense IMPROVED since losing something?

▷ Wisdom App! Taking this topic to the Wisdom app for a 6:15a CST start!

▪ Holla back Hump Day 4/13/2022 IG (12p CST) – My Disabilities Made Me Stronger: Have any of your sense IMPROVED since losing something?

▪ Thursday 4/14/2022 IG (12p CST) – Throwback Thursday story

▷ Clubhouse! Taking this topic to the CH app for a 6:15p CST start!

▪ Friday 4/15/2022 Clubhouse (10a CST) – FLY Friday! Come in your BESTEST imagination gear and let’s celebrate our Wins, share what lessons were learned and above it everything… #mindsetoverbullshit FREEBIE is new GJ

** Saturday 4/16/2022 mindset OVER bullshit University 12p 12 yoga poses for those who can get on floor.

3.) Who will be honored this week for grinding, growing & glowing?

Entrepreneurs! I’m talking about those who “live off the land”. These are the local entrepreneurs that answer to the surrounding communities with necessary products, services, entertainment, anything. We continue with an interview of Devin Mailey, graduate and advocate of the HBCU experience!

Why I’m interviewing him…

Not only did Devin graduate from college, the King released a drinking card game based the experience!

To listen or watch interviews with Kendrick Avant, click here

4.) Queens ask that we consider…

The sunlight is peeking through the clouds as you gaze out the window. You roll on your back and pay absolutely no attention to your cell phone. You stretch deep, lazy and smile about last night’s shenanigans. People have no idea how a simple conversation can lead to incredible adventures, mysterious attractions and… It was an amazing night but it can’t compare to that sunlight. You follow it’s bright path upwards of the ceiling, realize the ceiling is lowly humming and blink the last images of dreams away. What an amazing night but that sunlight. *dap*

What will YOU examine this week? What part of your life is the bright sunlight?

5.) MY Gratitude Journal entry (4/8/2022)

3.) Went ahead & scooped mindsetoverbullshit.com – That’s how confident I feel about what I’m doing, what I’m building, WHY I’m going sooo freaking hard in this direction. The Tribespeople are beginning to hear me, see me, FEEL me. Then, EVERYBODY and scammers will come next. Me owning it will slow SOME but honestly, it’s already helping with traffic.

2.) Got my ZINGER back! – HEALING!!! My poor, literally little legs are contractured AF. Having my Zinger relieves SOME of it.

1.) Changed my domain name – kendrickavant.com is the NEW domain. I’m going into teaching again. TEACHING mindset OVER bullshit through Gratitude Journaling.

Gratitude Journaling to BE better despite the stressors with family and employment…

*read MINE*

*WATCH mine*

6.) Food-IS-Medicine Tip! (I tried it myself and LOVED it!)

Homemade Strawberry Vinaigrette | Food Faith Fitness

This healthy Homemade Strawberry Vinaigrette is the only summer salad dressing you will ever need! Naturally gluten free, paleo, and vegan!

HOW it helped: I replaced with honey and oil with CBD-infused variations of both. I didn’t taste a difference but the CBD effects relaxed my leg spasms and added it a solid night of sleep!

7.) What I’m jamming while working to stay cool beans and rocking in a good mood.

Cute Lofu Music by Chilli Music

8.) The 5 levels of help under Kendrick Avant

HOW I can help others struggling with low confidence, shitty energy and a piss poor perspective.

Looking to improve the culture of your business, team or environment?

Last Sunday’s Newsletter: 4/3/22

Next Sunday… 4/17/22



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