Kendrick’s 1-star Review: Mobility City (Conroe, TX)

Fuck all of THEM for how they shitted on me

I met the owners while out with friends in 2021. We exchanged pleasantries, contact information and more while I bragged on my Zinger Mobility Chair. I kept their information because I KNEW I’d need their help.

Why it was a terrible move on MY part.

Number one, KYLE quoted me $170 for repairs but charged $170 parts, $170 labor, another $150 for the battery replacement (Batteries are $99 online.). I literally can’t handle such piss poor estimates. I’m disabled, unemployed, no healthcare, no disability checks and FOUR kids. That $500 repair bill was a shock. If I knew THAT much, I would have bought new wheelchair period. 🥵

Number two, it took over a week for the repairs. That huuuuuurts because of my health conditions. Replacement wheelchairs deteriorate my constructed legs because I repair specific modifications & adjustments to the configuration.

Number three, when I got it back. The tires were the WRONG size. That makes it extremely difficult to go forward or reverse but especially to turn.

Number four is the killer. They overcharged for a battery replacement. The battery doesn’t work so they refunded 75%. 🤬🥺😢😭. Hell, I can’t even afford a replacement now.

WORST experience ever as a disabled person and I’ve had a whole lot.

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