Gratitude Journal Day #450: Tuesday, 4/12/22

What & WHY I’m grateful this Tuesday

3.) Fuuuuuck DEM!! – I had to bust my ass to flip THIS shit into a Gratitude but I think I did. One, the mistreatment sparked a blog writing. Two, the incident allowed to talk directly to my Tribespeople, model #mindsetoverbullshit.

2.) Ordered my power cord – I calmed down after writing the blog review. That was a good thing because I feel from truck last week when I got too emotional. This time, I ordered my own part. That was a sense of accomplishment because online orders kiiiiiill my vibe and flow. If I get it WORKING, a bunch of shit won’t matter.

1.) I’m straaaaaiight – I finalized my comeback by making a vlog. #inspirationalspeaker #motivationalspeaker

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