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mindset OVER bullshit: Guided build your own Gratitude Journal

To Queens… *bows*

Yoo Kings… *bows*

What is it?

An INTERACTIVE approach to Gratitude Journaling. That means I’M with you everyday, modeling HOW to fill it out, answering questions, sharing stories and trading tips to manage stressors, build relationships and BE better. It’s interactive because members have opportunities to join, discuss best strategies and grow a unique community.

Why am I doing this?

I wanted help dealing with the negative thoughts and OVER-thinking that can decimate perspective. Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis affects my mood and confidence in terrible ways. Even as I heal, I wish for a community to share stories, wins, lessons and fears. I couldn’t find that community so I’m building that community.

Who can get help using this method?

ANYBODY humble enough to admit their thinking can be better. Kings, Queens, brothers, sisters, aaaaannybody is welcome to fuck with me on this journey of overstanding Gratitude.


Step 1.) Purchase your self-paced, mindset OVER bullshit Gratitude Journal Experience.

Step 2.) Complete one guided, gratitude journal, entry everyday for 2 consecutive weeks. (Don’t worry, you have weekends off. *winks* You can always watch a random, mindset OVER bullshit University.)

Step 3.) Keep going with gratitude journaling to slow negative thoughts, feelings of abandonment and overthinking your chronic illnesses and physical limitations! I did and still do!

What do YOU need?

A spiral or blank paper

Pen, pencil, whatever

Before you ask, “What are we gonna do?”

We’re writing out three Gratitudes, WHY statements PLUUUUS…

The mindset OVER bullshit Gratitude Journal

Topics are the individual segments of mindset OVER bullshit University. Each and every day, we work through our Gratitude Journals as a team, sharing stories, sharing inspiration, sharing details that make life easier to manage. We do this by meeting in the PRIVATE FB group for LIVE coaching and questions. (Don’t worry, ALL episodes are saved to the FB group for later views and such.)

*bows*: I open every mindset OVER bullshit University with an ode to a particular, specific population. Sometimes, it’s a job like Customer Service Representative or Teacher. Others, I’m giving honors and respect to aunts, best friends, disabled parents, caretakers with unseen disabilities and… Well, you probably get it. I want to show love to those who aren’t getting it enough. #grateful

Intention: It is important to set intentions because it sets the tone for the day. The intention can be physical, emotional, work-related, anything. Think of intentions as your priority.

Call To Action: These are defined, straightforward instructions for the day. It could be something as simple as a reminder to cancel free trials or something

Value: Ooooo! THIS is clearly defined huh? I actually can’t stand to be told that value is given to me. What if I don’t find the tips, strategy, advice to be valuable? Weeeeeell, it ain’t valuable but that doesn’t invalidate the value. I’m dropping gems that everyone

King’s Care: Self-care homie. Self-care playa. Self-care DADDY. You get it? Nope, I don’t do bubble baths and long showers either because I’m disabled af. Every day, I’m doing SOME-thing at a specific time for ME. Not for her, not for them, not for everyone. Something for me, Kendrick. I might schedule a 30min restroom break while the kids are here. Maaaaaaybe, I’ll play slow screwed-and-chopped songs, out loud, all day. Do I ever buy myself stuff for self-care? Yuuuuup.

King’s News: I refuse to start lying to y’all. I do not care about most of the crap shown on cable TV or local news. ESPECIALLY, since the national news is stocked with commercials and flagrant attempts to shock viewers into purchases. I’m not here for it, any of it. I DO care about something. Example, that recent slap at the Oscars…

THAT had me ready to comment, respond, defend, tell stories and everything!

Goal: People are 42% more likely to complete a goal if it is written down. FORTY-TWO! To make the best use of this, I write goals down for the day to support myself in finishing them. The goals can be business-related, social type of stuff, even workout or yoga. Anything I feel is necessary for improvement. Yup, calling my momma is one.

Interested? *dap* That’s what’s up. You can meet me on any of those platforms!

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