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Gratitude Journal Day #600: Friday, 4/22/22

3.) Busiest mindset OVER bullshit University EVER yesterday! – Yooo! I decided to share before the editing. That was cool AF. Somebody I’ve been rocking with since 2016 jumped on, messages on IG AND FB, bunch of affirmations… King, I felt like a freaking superstar! Pain and stress melted away as I got crunker.

2.) House Party today! – There’s only ONE place on earth I feel comfortable kicking it. One. Well, one besides my own home. 😉. Dem mugs having a little shin-dig and their shin-dig means outside talking, GREAT grub and inner circle homies only. I looooove it. One, dem MY people. Two, their son is special needs so they manage ME well. Three, I always get full and they actually ask what I eat. Four, no small kids interrupting or ear hustling so you can speak openly about errrrrrrythang. Five, I can smoke inside or outside!

1.) Wiz did so damn awesome! – Maaaaaaan, I’m so proud of her work, her talk, her attention. 😢. That’s my #1. 🤜🏽🤛🏽

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