Gratitude Journal Day #603: Monday, 4/25/22

Can’t have magic without a Monday!

3.) GOALS accepted – These are mine! I’ve paid several artists to draw ME sitting in cool ass wheelchairs, rims spinning, tattoos glistening, smile beaming. Nobody has done it yet but the very vision of these gets me excited. I know Kings are looking great and doing BIIIIIG things with their chairs. I’m going to be one too. (Is this my first dream for me? Nothing for the family with this, just me and mine.) 😉♿️

2.) Got an audio thank you! – I’m using these audiograms to illustrate the effects of my talks and comprehension of my listeners. I need people to KNOW how I make others feel. Look out clients! I’m on the way to you!

1.) mindset OVER bullshit University has 9am start time! – So, I did my first week at 8pm. This week is 10am. I’m trying to find that sweet spot in the day with the most active or available audience. I find this and I’m another step closer to taking off and only doing entrepreneurship type employment. 💪🏽👏🏽

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