If you can’t GET better, BE better: How Gratitude Changed Me

I give ONE hour presentations over the power of Gratitude Journaling, how it saved me and my marriage. Gratitude caused the metamorphosis that is my acceptance of a new reality. I’m using it to teach others to BE better despite limitations.

Any of these thoughts sound or feel familiar?

◾ Have my kids lost respect for a Daddy without a job, who can’t walk? Hell, will my wife get sick of this and leave for peace?

I’m cool being alone but will anyone ever actually hang with me?

Can’t they see how much worse I’m getting? 

How bad will this get next week?

I am worthless. What use am I to anybody like this?

I don’t want to keep going.

Who I am…

I’m THE Agent of Gratitude and host of mindset OVER bullshit University because I slide into any situation, share stories of Gratitude, help others BE better and leave tools to BE better despite illness or disability. If you struggle with OVER-thinking and negative thoughts, I teach how to accept reality, glow perspective & BE better.

WHY I’m doing this…

Yoo. *bows* GREAT question and something I absolutely must answer. I had to teach myself this Gratitude stuff. Nobody to guide me, show me an easier way, hold my hand as I tumbled through darkness and confusion. Now, I’m 4 years deep on Gratitude Journals. Now, I spend so much time actually THINKING of what to write in the Journal, I, literally & figuratively, don’t have the time, focus or headspace to think the negative thoughts as much. (HELL of a sentence huh! *applause*) I really work these Gratitudes because it changes my perspective of shit. I can talk all day about it even though I do it sooooo much. I make my kids write Gratitudes when they’re bored or in trouble. I’m grateful AF for shit despite my body progressively deteriorating at ridiculous speeds. I piss myself sometimes and wanna cry being disabled AF because I can’t get to a bathroom. My youngest is 9 years old, since she was 5 years old, she’s been taught how to give me tinctures for my MS tremors. ALL my kids know and she’s had to do it the most. I don’t get disability, unemployment, SSI, Medicaid, nothing so ain’t no help coming. I learned to enjoy my life by teaching myself to love my damn self despite my disabilities, handicaps, and pain. I’m losing my sight at times but I still LOVE myself. Every day, I’m healing from depression. Every day, I’m healing from chronic pain. Every day, I’m healing from the realization that nobody coming to save me.

Now that I OVER-stand Gratitude, I’m building a travel lifestyle, based in ECUADOR, despite disabilities, no healthcare, and chronic illness. I’m growing to match bigger visions and grander schemes and NONE of the growth came with medicines, church, or therapy. I’m just in love with me and see a purpose for everything shitty now. I’m doing this so Tribespeople can SEE, FEEL, KNOW how to BE better when others say you can’t get better. 🤜🏾🤛🏾🖤🖤🖤

What I’m presenting…

A Zoom presentation that:

⬪ educates audience on holistic herbs for minor issues

⬪ inspires audiences to BE better through self-care and efforts to communicate

⬪ entertains audiences with personal stories of Wins and lessons on a journey of chronic illness

I know, I know! What’s IN the Zoom presentation? Give me some time. *sheeeesh* Each 6-part presentation is similar in format and delivery but the stories, strategies, tips and conversations change to reflect audience participation and interest.

I’m grateful each of the FOUR colleges I attended taught me valuable lessons of identity and consciousness. (I was suspended or facing punishment at…. 😉)

53 schools interviewed me across 3 states. School #54? What stories I left with! How that impacted my journey.

Can you guess which is me? 😉. I got the degree, found a career and next comes the inevitable.

My last trip to a neurologist, I snapped pictures to show how BIG I was getting from the steroids. Nooooope, steroids didn’t actually help either. 240lbs, 6ft even. Now, I’m almost 170 in clothes.

The bounce back has officially begun! I’m 60+ days into the greatest but most challenging exploration of my life. The search for self after diagnosis.

I’m not here for a long time; I’m here to make impact. How I’m winning, learning lessons and building my mindset into a fortress of self-care.

Topics that can I concentrate at your request…

-• yoga

• meditation

• manifestation

• analogies

• love language

What you leave with…

ALL attendees are gifted copies of my audiobook, “If you can’t GET better, BE better: Survivor’s Blueprint.

ALL attendees will receive a PRIVATE link to view the presentation at later dates and to repeat information or energy.

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I have an online school for those on a mission to BE better. Check out the YouTube show and Apple podcast. The goal is to help people complete their Gratitude Journals and continue the process of BEING better.

Watch a mindset OVER bullshit University episode (Monday, 4/18/22)

Listen to mindset OVER bullshit University podcast (audio-ONLY) (Monday 4/25/22)



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