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Gratitude Journal Day #604: Tuesday, 4/26/22

3.) 1st REAL Tik Tok in awhile – I’ve been so doggone with the latest rebrand (Guuuurl, figuring who YOU want to be a muthafugga!). Tik Tok is where I tell stories, 3min max, and yesterday, I dropped one over positive self-talk. Yoo, talking positive, out LOUD, drowns the negative thoughts in your head. Go on. Try it out because I KNOW I’m right.


Y’all knew about positive self-talk huh? #mindsetoverbullshit

♬ original sound – kendrickavant

2.) Gotta ring light coming! – I thought this was a vanity purchase but it ain’t. I definitely need better lighting with the number of videos I’m producing. 😉👑

1.) Family Time! – I’m proud of myself because I wrote this DOWN yesterday. “Ask questions of your kids, get involved.” If I didn’t WRITE it, I would have skipped family time. This is WHY intentions are so damn important!

Kid #3 designed Sims for

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