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Gratitude Journal Day #607: Friday, 4/29/22

Today is my 8th book release. I’m nervous AF soooooo….. EXTRA Gratitudes for me. (Can’t let myself start thinking anything negative! 🙏🏽💪🏽)

5.) Allergy medicine compares to self-care – I’m dropping these talks as fast as I can. I still gotta slide everything over to the audio team to transform each to a podcast. I’m grateful to make this connection because I know it will resonate with parents. When I pull them in, I’ll know I’m growing, people are listening. Parents make the world go round.

4.) Learned my pitch is all wrong – LOL!!! S/O to Jay Handler and his squad of moderators. Bruh, they triple-teamed on my lil, ‘ol pitch to make I OVER-stood the deficiencies. It was too sales-y, rude, abrupt, everything about the intent & tone. #whew! Glad I checked because I was already cold calling, cold emailing, straight up connecting. 😉.

TRYING to. Noooobody was responding yet. I’m already working on a smoother approach so I can launch again! Thank goodness they corrected me.

3.) Self-care and prayer – THIS one is better than the allergy one earlier. I’m refining it and plan to serve it to the religious or spiritual crowds. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaa. As I define this journey, I’m addressing specific populations and their needs. I’m LOVING how my mind is working, SEEING how to leave impact.

2.) THE class book is LIVE! – AND I’m already working on a Gratitude Journal fot seniors and folks scrapping with hospice. *bows* I’m on a mission to model BEING better and teach others HOW so people don’t feel as alone as I do. 👑♿️.

I even opened a virtual University to bring Kings & Queens to the light. 🤜🏽🤛🏽

1.) LAAAAST day of the mindset OVER bullshit University Gratitude Journal Challenge – *deeeeeeeep breathe* Regardless, this is the bottom, basement, beginning level. This Challenge will only improve as I continue growing.

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