Gratitude Journal Day #609: Sunday, 5/1/22

NEW month. NEW goals. NEW connections. Same me but BETTER!

Yoo! Who has some self-care goals this month? Maybe you’re starting your Gratitude Journal? Share with me!

4.) FIRST testimonial! – Boooooom! One down, MORE to come. This is gonna help cement the value of my services so I can some money & move to Ecuador.


I do not teach others to be grateful; I re-educate Tribespeople to the power of Gratitude. I’m obsessed with BEING better, proving to myself that I am healing despite chronic illness, physical limitations and no healthcare. My coaching is the daily accountability and leadership of Gratitude Journaling, yoga, manifestation, meditation, and OVER-standing love language. If you struggle with negative thoughts and OVER-thinking, these habits put #mindsetoverbullshit

♬ original sound – kendrickavant

3.) Dropped an inspirational talk over STARTING the process to BE better What happened was SOME dude stepped on stage last night and tried to question the value of coaches. Mathura, room HOST, played it smooth and teacher-y. Me? I challenged the mf to START being better on his own with self-care. The stage responded well and THAT was my first successful confrontation. #letsgo

2.) 2nd message over Gratitude Journal, Manifestation & Battle Boards – Yoo. I’m grateful to share & spread this Battle Board thing. SOME-body is biiiiig into vision boards and planning. Well, I AM but I’ve yet to build one.

1.) They’re home. SAFE. – It was storming TOUGH last night. 👀. How tough? So damn tough that she and I stayed checking and sending messages over driving conditions till she got home. #relief. Hell, I was stressed enough for a final round of self-care!

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