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Gratitude Journal Day #611: Tuesday, 5/3/22

3.) Airtable – *rolls neck* It’s time people. Time for me to start working contacts, making calls, building connections through relationship marketing. 🤷🏾‍♂️. Whatever that means. I’m grateful to finally have a CRM, customer relationship manager. This puppy is supposed to make it easy to do all that with intense organization. We’ll see. 🤞🏽. I know this, I better get my disbelief in its claims settled because it work if I don’t. ✍🏾

2.) NEW marketing plan includes LinkedIn – I like LinkedIn. I like it’s potential. After my revelation of “I don’t coach. I inspire.”, I was done with it but not anymore. 🤔. I gotta REAL plan for it, how, why, dedicated time slot of activity. *rubs hands* This will bring my first paid speaking event!

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1.) *shhhh* I’m building something! – Hairdresser? ✅. Lashes? ✅. Woman’s coach? 🤷🏾‍♂️. Entrepreneurship gurus? ✅. Realtor? 🤔. Loan Officer? 🤞🏽. This experience is challenging TF outta me but I’m liking it, learning it and that’s what’s important.

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