Gratitude Journal Day #612: Wednesday, 5/4/22

My Dad’s birthday so I’m extra grateful.

I’m grateful!

3.) We.Hop – S/O to my former student! She hooked me up with a local non-profit that addresses minority youth and mentors! Theeeeeen, she called THEM to set us all up and ensure we connected. 🤜🏽🤛🏽. (BEAST affirmation by itself. This opportunity is just what I need to develop Gratitude Journals into a school program! #perfecttiming

2.) More website revisions – Yuuuuuup. I went IN again to make adjustments and get this mug ready to be THE headquarters for my speaking business. The majority of my changes were homepage and landing page tweaks. Proud of myself for doing it myself. That’s huge going forward because I don’t have to wait on a developer and I’m saving money.

1.) My Pop’s Born Day – The King raised me. 🤎💪🏽. What more can I say besides thanks? How else can I express Gratitude other than keep going?

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