Gratitude Journal University: My 90-day GROUP Coaching Program

I inspire Kings to BE better by leaving tools that put mindset OVER bullshit. If you're struggling with OVER-thinking and negative thoughts, I teach how to accept realities and grow better perspectives.

What it is…

Gratitude Journal University is a virtual university for those managing chronic illness, physical limitations, terrified of living as a dependant and searching for holistic solutions. Here, you will receive the daily lessons and leadership you need from someone that overstands the situation. Glow and grow with a community of like-minded individuals facing adventure, heads up. We will not suffer abandonment. We will deny imposter syndrome. We rebuke negative thoughts to hunt a lifestyle of gratitude and be our best selves.

Step one (Weeks 1-2)

We meet every day, 30-45min, 7 days. 🫡During this time, we’re doing one-on-one, Zoom sessions for:

Intention: It is important to set intentions because it sets the tone for the day. The intention can be physical, emotional, work-related, anything. Think of intentions as your priority.

Call To Action: These are defined, straightforward instructions for the day. It could be something as simple as a reminder to cancel free trials or something

Value: Ooooo! THIS is clearly defined huh? I actually can’t stand to be told that value is given to me. What if I don’t find the tips, strategy, advice to be valuable? Weeeeeell, it ain’t valuable but that doesn’t invalidate the value. I’m dropping gems that everyone

King’s Care: Self-care homie. Self-care playa. Self-care DADDY. You get it? Nope, I don’t do bubble baths and long showers either because I’m disabled af. Every day, I’m doing SOME-thing at a specific time for ME. Not for her, not for them, not for everyone. Something for me, Kendrick. I might schedule a 30min restroom break while the kids are here. Maaaaaaybe, I’ll play slow screwed-and-chopped songs, out loud, all day. Do I ever buy myself stuff for self-care? Yuuuuup.

Better you lesson: Over these 19 days, together we’ll explore your best self by identifying your love language, how to use it in daily interactions, the strengths and weaknesses of our brain hemispheres, learning styles, analogies, how the memory works and more.

►Gratitude journaling

Every day, virtual, you pick the time. If something comes up, I’m doing my damnest to modify my schedule and meet you. The fact is it can take 18 – 254 days to start a new habit so accountability to critical to success. On average, it takes 66 days. In either of these scenarios, common knowledge screams that progress is made much faster with a consistent routine. To achieve your ultimate success, we’re kicking things with a strong, guided start of 7 days.

Step two (Weeks 3 – 5)

Your weeks 3, 4 and 5 are destined to initiate responsibility. The first 2 weeks, we meet 14 consecutive days. The next 3 weeks, we Zoom 4 days/week.

Step three (Weeks 6 – 9)

We’re cruising into week 4. Nice job. We’re meeting twice per week, for 3 weeks by Zoom.

Step four (Weeks 10 – 13)

This is IT! Your final three weeks with me, building the better you. One Zoom per week, 30-45min. We’ll continue with gratitude journaling, instrospection and dive into deeper topics. After the gratitude journal, I must know how you’re feeling. Gimme some details, juicy bits, stories.

Step five

We’re not done juuuuuust yet. Our private meetings? Those are a thing of the past. You can still slide back for a refresher by scheduling 30min with me.

Where the real gem is your participation in podcasts, IG LIVE, Clubhouse rooms, Wisdom talks w/ Kendrick Avant. Now, you have a continuous stream of gratitude journaling with an open invitation to join me LIVE across any of the platforms (FB, IG, Tw, YouTube). You can showcase your journey, connect and network with others on a similar mission to BE better through concentrated self-improvement. Entrepreneur tips, social media strategies, wellness routines, we have it all.

Still got questions?

Ready to BE better? Purchase your tuition by scheduling an appointment!



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