Gratitude Journal Day #619: Tuesday, 5/10/22

What & WHY I’m grateful

3.) LinkedIn fun– It’s the reading & comments for me! I’m having a blast and knowing that users are readers makes it a prime candidate for growing my Gratitude Journal website. (I got books, blogs and video. 😉)

Kendrick Avant on LinkedIn

2.) Magnesium lip balm – I couldn’t predict how well the 1st hit works. I’m an hour in and my lips feel great. This is super crunk because I ran out of Carmex, Vaseline and Aquafor. Ya boi was struuuuuggling, doing yoga, chapped lips. Now, I’m ready to use my mouth. 🤣

1.) I’m part of the team!!! – All my life, I’ve wondered what working for nonprofits was all about. (Did y’all know the NFL was nonprofit until 2015!!! WTF?!! 🤯🤯) Well, after meeting with Miguel & Kenny, I’m bout to find out. We Have ONE Purpose is here to give kids something OTHER than sports. *rubs hands* I got soooo many ideas and they are supporting my pursuits and vision. I ain’t ever felt this good about working with anyone. #letsgo

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