Gratitude Journal Day #620: Wednesday, 5/11/22

What and WHY I’m grateful plus Gratitude Journals for sale!

3.) Found a proper vegan cheese – I’m back on my A-game. That means eating cleaner and really digging into my routines. Last night, wife made fajitas. I was grubbing, tasted cheese and thought, “Well, I didn’t know these had cheese. Humph. I’ll remind her next time.”

No need. She used a new vegan cheese that fooled me! I’m grateful because dairy products upset my stomach and cause plumbing issues.

2.) They got my car running! – My car been shelved siiiiiince… 🤔. Yeah, that long. A 2015 Nissan Altima beats the mileage on a truck, SUV, everything else we got. As a unit, one of the drivers is taking my car to save gas. Huuuuuuge savings.

1.) My energy levels! – It started Sunday morning. Sometime between midnight and 4am, I made up my mind to keep going. Regardless of who with me, who watching, I’m moving forward. Enough homies reached out that my moving was accelerated, my thoughts were validated. Now, I’m up later than before, up early AF as usual and absolutely cruising all in-between. The extra energy even shows up in my self-care, risking daily showers, ironing shirts and doing standing positions!

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