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Gratitude Journal Day #621: Thursday, 5/12/22

3.) Im•mature After-School Program – Does this look familiar? It might. 😉. I tried presenting this to my community months ago but I was quickly overwhelmed and stopped. Now, I’m working with a local nonprofit and my contacts, team, insight have changed. I have people to discuss ideas and direction with. Most importantly, my work and passion are sincerely received and I feel appreciated. Told y’all yesterday, 53% of employees stay because the employer is grateful! Count me in!

2.) That ONE download – We lost ALL internet yesterday. I’m talking home Wi-Fi, cell service, calls, texts, even the schools sent emergency notifications that there was no service. 👎🏾. The saving grace was my one song downloaded. It was over 2 hours long, no words, and held the wife & I down for the few hours. It’s been awhile since we’ve rolled any significant amount of time without Wi-Fi. That was close! 🤣🤣

1.) new mindset OVER bullshit University is open for enrollment! – I still don’t consider myself a “mindset coach” but I can damn sure teach mindset tools. *blows fingers* That’s something I feel uber-confident in.

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