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Gratitude Journal Day #623: Saturday, 5/14/22

*bows* Are YOU good?

4.) Sun felt good – I’ve intended to sit outside a few days this week. Today, I did because kid #4 had soccer. Grateful there was a big, ‘ol shade tree to hide from heat waves!

3.) No hangover for me! – First time getting wasted in over 90 days. 👏🏽. I was scared I’d wake up sick but nope. Cheers to me! I’m making videos all day and a hangover would kill my looks.

2.) I got gifts! – The homie bought me T-shirts with messages on each. That filled my bucket. It’s another affirmation people are paying attention. It’s a live message to myself that my people care about me. She spoke about how she watched my stuff, knew I was hurting, struggling to keep my head. I was, I am. Her talks and comments were deep shots to my mental space. I’ve been low AF, trying to maintain, keep it playa and build. I have not taken any time to settle my own emotions, leaving me sensitive to everything. Today, I’ll start that by taking time to meditate, get away from building shit and chill. It’s a process so I can be better at this.

1.) Breakfast-in-bed – S/O to kid #4! After a night of heavy drinking, heavier emotions, piss poor mobility, I needed breakfast. She made the Queen a couple of sandwiches. I got a huge bowl of fruit. AND she cleaned the kitchen without being told or asked. 🤜🏽🤛🏽

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