Gratitude Journal Day #625: Monday, 5/16/22

Using a Gratitude Journal to reprogram my brain so I’m more positive

3.) I can link the Gratitude Journal and mindset OVER bullshit! *blows fingers* This is a direct, UN-intended result of so much damn planning, action steps, pivots. I’m grateful because connecting them may blend the audience, grow the audience, teach the audience. I need the message clear: gratitude journaling reprograms your perspective. At no cost. πŸ‘‘β™ΏοΈ

2.) CH for the week! I’m baaaaaack! – I’m sure my rooms will be different because I’m the one running the show. My marketing plan includes intentional time on the platform and I really enjoy it so win-win!

1.) Netflix’s Our Father documentary – This was gooooood. Wow. Whoa. It kept me awake an extra hour! Grateful for something to distract my thoughts.

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