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Gratitude Journal Day #628: Thursday, 5/19/22

Friday Eve? Why not give my first gentle affirmations? 😉🤜🏽🤛🏽♿️

3.) Solved my LinkedIn issue – By my damn self! That’s how much I like LinkedIn. Real talk. I’m cool with IG but that ain’t my crowd like that. What they want, what I do, isn’t the best fit. If I have issues on IG, FB, I etc., I just stop doing whatever it is I’m doing. I don’t try to Google it, read help articles, nothing. I just quit trying to do extra stuff. LinkedIn? I’m trying, learning, researching. I don’t wanna give up. This not only helps my business acumen but gives me energy. When I solve stuff, I’m charged up, crunk.

What was the issue? My newsletter wasn’t publishing and I figured out you can’t add YouTube links of others.

2.) Got IN the bed before 9pm – This is a REAL celebration. Beat the kids in bed, last Hump Day of the school and I forced myself to stay in till 6am. All that starts my day feeling super relaxed, calm, less busy.

1.) The lettuce is homegrown! – Broooooo. Bruh. King. There is something healing in eating food grown by your wife. Underneath that gorgeous spread of natural, anti-inflammatory vegetables lies a tightly packed layer of lettuce grown IN home. I felt like as I ate, my levels of awesomeness were rising. Seriously. It was that damn good!

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