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Gratitude Journal Day: Saturday, 5/21/22

Self-care Saturday!

3.) Interview on Monday #1 – Got an interview to push Medicare. πŸ‘€. Again. I’m just grateful somebody responded and sees I’m worth a holler. I’m keeping my wins this week. No matter how small. πŸ˜‰

2.) Interview on Tuesday #1 – THE Allstate is going to try me next. I’m grateful because it gives me something to daydream over. Success with Allstate would technically eliminate the need for supplemental jobs, extra gigs and other business stuff. We’ll see. 🀞🏽

1.) Position I want is available! – School district communications specialist is open. Social studies teachers are needed at all levels. I’d accept either but I want that communication specialist because it gives me chance to talk, build rapport, spread messages and know my surrounding community. ❀️

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