Gratitude Journal Day #630: Sunday, 5/23/22

Slow down Sunday so I’ll be on auto. I did pop in for gratitudes.

Slow Down Sundays are BAAAAACK. 🤜🏽🤛🏽

3.) We.HOP event went well – I came out despite my fears of police. I came despite my body screaming in protest. I came sober, terrified I’d leave scents and trails. The local news warned of heat, exhaustion and MS looooooves to slam temperature sensitivity.

Damn it, I went, had fun, made connections. #Boom

2.) Saturday of Sweets – My 1st Adult’s Grands came over to cook for birthday. Dawg, we ate crazy good. I’m full AF with leftovers for tomorrow.

1.) Got my first beer! – I’m grateful for the surprise. OMG, it goes so well with FOOD and sweets! What a combo!

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